Which Procedure is Right for You?

“The one thing I have realized after interviewing over 50,000 patients in almost 20 years of practice is that everyone has their own story about what brought them into the office that day. For refractive surgery like LASIK or ICL there is often a brewing discontent about glasses or contact lenses that finally gets to the boiling point where the decision is made to start the process of searching for the right procedure done by the most qualified surgeon. The best news is that with modern technology there are options available for almost every patient to achieve better vision without glasses or contact lenses. We will listen to hear your story and then find the refractive procedure that is right for you.” – Dr. DeBry

Take our Refractive Surgery Self-Test to see what options are available for you

    Your Age

    LASIK and ICL are best considered in the age range from 18-50 depending on the health of the eye and the amount of refractive error. You fit in this range!
    You are older than the typical LASIK patient. There may be better options for you such as a Refractive Lens Exchange. Fortunately NV Eye Surgery is a regional leader in this procedure!

    Health Status
    Do you have diabetes, or autoimmune conditions like Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or abnormal scarring (keloid formation)?

    Terrific, you have no medical contraindications to surgery.
    LASIK should be avoided with certain health conditions. You would probably be a better candidate for ICL surgery or possibly a refractive lens exchange depending on your circumstances.

    Dry Eye
    Do you have significant dry eye issues that cause irritation and contact lens intolerance?

    With healthy eyes and no dry eye symptoms you are eligible for LASIK or ICL surgery.
    LASIK should be avoided in eyes that have moderate or severe dry eye because LASIK makes dry eyes worse during the healing period. ICL may be a better option for patients with dry eyes.

    Are you pregnant or nursing?

    You are eligible for LASIK or ICL surgery
    You will need to delay any refractive procedure until you aren’t pregnant or nursing, you will have better results and a more stable refraction.

    Prescription Stability
    Has your glasses and/or contact lens prescription been stable over the last few years?

    If your glasses and/or contact lens prescription has changed recently you should not spend money on surgery. Wait until your eyes are stable and then try again.
    You are eligible for LASIK or ICL surgery and should have good results if your refractions have been stable over the last few years.

    Current Prescription
    Do you know the numbers from your glasses and/or contact lens prescription?

    We can help determine which options are best for you with a consultation in our office. Free screening visits are available.
    -1.00 to -3.00 LASIK is the best option
    -3.00 to -6.00 LASIK or ICL are both options available
    -6.00 or more, ICL is the best surgical option to treat your myopia
    +1.00 to +2.00 LASIK can usually help improve the vision
    +2.00 or more, usually we suggest a refractive lens exchange for this degree of hyperopia

    Would you allow our office to contact you to answer your questions, explain our pricing, and schedule a consult?

    OK, but feel free to contact our office with any questions.


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