After ICL Procedure

What will the vision be like for the first 24 hours?

Once the lens is implanted you will no longer be nearsighted, but the best vision may take up to a week to achieve. For the first day, you should plan on the vision in your surgical eye being blurry. This is due to the medications used before and during the procedure, the bright microscope light, and the postoperative eye drops. The next day the vision should be improved and over the next few days, you will notice additional clarity as the eye heals.

Why do I need to take eye drops after the procedure?

There are two different eye drops that are used to help give you the best outcome from the procedure; a mild anti-inflammatory (Prednisolone) and an antibiotic (Ofloxacin). We ask that you start the drops a few days before the procedure to prepare the eye for the treatment, and continue them for a few weeks after. The detailed dosing schedule is included in the back of this book. Please let us know if you have difficulty buying them or run out of drops after the procedure. Your best results may depend on adequate dosing of the eye drops after the procedure.

Are there any restrictions after the procedure?

Because of the sedating medications used, you will need a driver to take you home from the office or surgery center. You shouldn’t drive the rest of the day until the medications have worn off. If you have bilateral surgery you shouldn’t drive until the vision has cleared to the point where you feel comfortable driving. We ask that you take it easy the first 24 hours and don’t plan any important meetings or events. You should be gentle with your eyes and avoid rubbing them if possible. Dr. DeBry also recommends that you avoid vigorous activity for a few days as you adjust to your new vision. Finally, no swimming with your head under the water is allowed for one week after the procedure. All of your normal daily activities are fine, including showering and bathing.


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