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The eye is an amazing optical device. Like a camera, the eye focuses light into a clear image, which is then changed into electrical signals and sent to the brain for interpretation. Abnormalities in the size and shape of the eye lead to poor vision, which requires glasses or contact lenses for improved clarity.

Scientists and engineers have been working for years, trying to perfect the options for restoring vision without glasses or contact lenses. Currently, the two major categories of vision enhancement include LASIK/PRK and ICL lens implant procedures. LASIK and PRK work externally by reshaping the cornea, ICL implants are placed inside the eye to help focus light rays without glasses or contact lenses. Each procedure has specific benefits and minor risks. Our job is to help educate you on your options and guide your decision making so that you end up with the best possible vision with the safest and highest technology procedure.

Dr. DeBry will work with each patient to make sure they get the best technology for their vision-correction surgery.

For detailed information about LASIK and ICL surgery please download our Comprehensive Guide to Refractive Surgery.



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LASIK – Our Technology

We are proud to offer all-laser LASIK with the iFS Advanced Femtosecond laser and the Star S4IR Excimer Laser. The iFS uses amazing laser technology, with multiple energy bursts that last for 3 billionths of a second and accurately make corneal incisions to the hundredth of a millimeter. This laser makes the corneal flap which is lifted to allow treatment of the underlying corneal tissue. The S4 excimer laser uses laser pulses to ablate or remove tissue, thereby changing the shape of the cornea and focusing the light more accurately without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Along with all-laser LASIK for our patients in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV Eye Surgery uses the iDesign Refractive studio for Wavefront guided and topography integrated LASIK procedures. The iDesign Studio makes multiple measurements of the eye to create a unique treatment program designed for your individual eye. The Excimer laser then uses these measurements to contour the cornea precisely, providing the best vision and happiest patients.

Lasik eye surgery technology used ay NV Eye Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

“I’m amazed at the technology we use for LASIK! As a surgeon it is very reassuring that some of the world’s top engineers and scientists have developed this technology over the last 15 years. LASIK is safe and effective because of the science behind it and the years of improving the performance of the lasers. A standard LASIK procedure will have a 20 second Femto treatment and a 20-30 second excimer ablation. In less than one minute of laser the treatment is done. That is truly remarkable” – Dr. DeBry


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