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There are very high expectations when it comes to results from refractive surgery procedures like LASIK and ICL. The analogy we use when training our staff is the expectations we have with our local bank. If a bank said they have a 95% accuracy rate and only lose 1-in-20 deposits, we would run away from that bank and never look back! Our expectation from a bank is 99.99% accuracy in dealing with our financial transactions. Well eye surgery has similar high expectations. Even a 5% failure rate would be too high, and patients expect perfection when it comes to eye surgery. Dr. Peter DeBry, M.D. and the NV Eye Surgery team understand what it takes to provide quality surgery with excellent outcomes and aim to provide each patient with their best vision. We believe the ingredients for successful eye surgery include: a trusted and experienced surgeon, accurate quality testing and leading technology, and friendly professional staff.

Why Nevada Trusts Dr. DeBry
Dr. Peter W. DeBry M.D. is a leader in technology and one of the most versatile and experienced eye surgeons in Nevada. With Fellowship-training at one of the leading eye hospitals in the U.S. (Bascom Palmer Eye Institute), Dr. DeBry trained with some of the world’s top surgeons. Since coming to Las Vegas in 2003 Dr. DeBry has developed a reputation as the go-to surgeon for complex eye conditions. He was the first surgeon in Las Vegas to perform DSEK and DMEK, delicate cornea transplant operations. He is the only surgeon doing glaucoma procedures in children. He is the only surgeon in the state performing eye surgeries in an office-based surgery suite. He has the most experience of any other local surgeon in ICL surgery, working with this procedure since it was FDA approved in 2005. These experiences and attributes offer Dr. DeBry the skill set to provide great outcomes for patients interested in seeing better with LASIK or ICL surgery.

Technology and Testing
The best visual results from refractive surgery require accurate information about the eye structures and the treatment needed to achieve 20/20 vision. During a consultation at our office you will be put through a series of tests and measurements to determine if you are a candidate for refractive surgery and which procedure (LASIK/PRK/ICL) is the right one for you. The iDesign Studio is the newest technology available for measuring the unique fingerprint of your eye and planning a LASIK treatment tailored to your unique eye shape and size. We are proud to offer all-laser LASIK with the iFS Advanced Femtosecond laser and the Star S4IR Excimer Laser. The iFS uses amazing laser technology, with multiple energy bursts that last for 3 billionths of a second and accurately make corneal incisions to the hundredth of a millimeter. This laser makes the corneal flap which is lifted to allow treatment of the underlying corneal tissue. The S4 excimer laser uses laser pulses to ablate or remove tissue, thereby changing the shape of the cornea and focusing the light more accurately without the need for glasses or contact lenses. Great technology leads to great surgical success,

Friendly Professional Staff
The process of preparing for and completing a LASIK or ICL treatment can be a bit scary. Doctor DeBry and our technical staff recognize the importance of a warm and caring environment throughout this process. From the initial evaluation to the final post-op visit we will put your mind at ease and provide you with the information you need to feel confident with the care you are receiving. We are confident that our staff will make your surgery experience one of the most comfortable and successful medical procedures you can have.


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